And it is running the Institutional Library Galicia, platform developed by Balidea

And it is running the Institutional Library Galicia, platform developed by Balidea

Through this new service will be available all publications of the Regional Administration and the marketing and distribution of the library collection is centralized.

On April 27 Institutional the Institutional Library Galicia fwas presented by the consellerio of Culture, Education and University Planning, Roman Rodriguez, and the director of the Axencia for a modernization Tecnolóxica (AMTEGA), Mar Pereira.

This is a virtual platform developed from Balidea through which the regional government concentrates all its backlist and makes it available to all citizens and bookstores.

The librarí provides an online trading channel of the Regional Administration, where the acquisition of publications of the Government of Galicia by libraries and other establishments and outlets possible. This is one more piece of the Xunta extrategia for digitization, cataloging, promotion and dissemination of content and Galician cultural heritage.

Electronic platform open to all citizens

Institutional Library operates through an electronic platform through which all citizens have access to libraries and their contents and services..

Also, through this platform distribution and marketing of its backlist both hard and electronic centralized..

A free publications only transportation charges will apply if physical delivery is requested, and the venal publications (surcharge) keep their price..

Those interested in a venal publication (book, pamphlet, magazine, ...) can make the payment through the website itself or through the system of payment by bank transfer. As the platform will confirm the correctness of the payment to the user / a person, this may download the publication and you will be forwarded to your home.

The page layout of the Library is adapted for use on mobile devices and tablets.

Today, in the catalog are already loaded about 750 publications after the year 2010 until today. However, it is planned to incorporate the platform all publications prior to 2010 which there are copies for distribution.


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