BALIDEA Opens Office R & D on the campus of Vigo

BALIDEA Opens Office R & D on the campus of Vigo

Balidea, which has its headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, just opened a new office in the campus of Lagunas-Marcosende in Vigo, a space that, from now on, will act as workplace of the department responsible for the actions of R & D company.

From this new location, Balidea manage and promote the R & D that develops either internally or in collaboration with other companies both at regional and state level or European, in diverse areas such as health , energy, fisheries, public administration, education or food.

Balidea strategically chose the Vigo university campus as a hub of innovation projects, research and development as you close to new sources of ICT innovation in Galicia. In addition, the office of the company is located in the complex of services located in the Miralles square, next to the Technological City of Vigo (CITEXVI) and the Scientific and Technological Park of the University of Vigo, a specialized center, among other activities in the provision of advanced development of R + D + i to cooperate and integrate research groups in execution technology services.

The address of the new office in Vigo Balidea is:

Consulting & Programming
I + D + I VIGO
Square Miralles / A5A / Office Campus Universitario de Vigo
36310 Vigo (Pontevedra) / Tel: 986 46 87 81

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