Balidea presents its APP within the Smart City project

Balidea presents its APP within the Smart City project

  • Balidea was commissioned to develop a mobile application with all the cultural and entertainment agenda of the city..
  • Alejandra Gonzalez Balidea functional consultant, actively participated in the presentation that asisitiron more than 500 people.

Coruña Smart City is already a reality. The so-called "virtual agora of the century" was presented in the city of A Coruna on a document addressed to all citizens and hosted by actor Javier Veiga, where they unveiled the first pilot projects and applications for citizenship.

The event also featured the institutional presence of the Mayor of A Coruña that stressed the "revolutionary aspect and the fundamental role Coruna Smart City project to meet the needs of citizens and entrepreneurs of the XXI century."

Negreira commended the work done by the more than 60 companies working in Coruna Smart City, and stressed the importance of Corunna Smart City as a new management model and invited the whole city and all coruñesas to participate in ongoing projects .

Alejandra Gonzalez filed the application Smart City Eventsn Eventos Smart City

A mobile application with all the cultural events and entertainment district, is the work done by Balidea CoruñaSmartCity within the conglomerate.

Alejandra Gonzalez Balidea functional consultant, presented in the last act the first version of this tool, which will incorporate more services and news over the coming weeks. This tool, available for Android, allows you to search for any type of event, date or venue.

This is an intuitive tool that after studying the preferences of the users will be able to anticipate what we want in our quest. Also, you can see the geo events, details of each of them or access the services of ticket information.

It will maintain interaction with the public and will facilitate contact with the 010 where the ability to add suggestions, questions, complaints, suggestions, etc.

More than 800 downloads in the first week

This useful also for city managers, tool preferences let you know all users. The more than 800 downloads reached in the week of its release realize success among the public and their proper functioning. Today there is only information of institutional cultural agenda reporting directly to the Council of A Coruña, which will be completed soon with the possibility of introducing events other entities (associations, concert halls, foundations, etc))

Access the video presentation

Interview in the program Vivir Galicia. Cadena Ser Coruña

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