Corporate Social Responsibility


The commitment to transform society is part of BALIDEA’s philosophy. We try to implement working models that actively contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of society as a whole.

Being aware of the role that companies have on building shared values, we try to put into practice strategies and business management systems that help to reconcile business efficiency with social, environmental and equality values.

Our commitment with the natural environment is guaranteed with the implementation of an Environmental Management System according to UNE 14001. This means an optimization in the management of resources and waste that reduce environmental impacts and promote the protection the natural environment, keeping a balance with socio-economic aspects.

Moreover, since September 2014, BALIDEA has established a Plan for Equality between Men and Women that contains a number of measures aimed at achieving in the company equal treatment and opportunities and eliminating discrimination based on gender.

In addition, BALIDEA has implemented a Management System of Work Safety and Health according to OHSAS 18001: 2007, certified by AENOR, which can effectively control the risks associated with the workplace and can also improve the efficiency of the management system.