Balidea’s TIC Development & Production Unit appraised at CMMI level 3

Balidea’s TIC Development & Production Unit has just renewed for 3 years the level 3 appraisal of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. The appraisal was performed by Gesein S.L.

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance.

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Balidea, provider of the City of Copenhagen Government

A few months ago we got a new international client, the City of Copenhagen Government, with whom we have signed a contract for the next four years. The City Council of Copenhagen has more than 300 websites where it provides all kind of services to its employees and the citizens.

The main aim of our contract includes ICT consulting, the improvement of the customer web service solution, the support and development of the City Council’s digital ecosystem, Drupal 8 update and designing a personalized intranet with new collaboration and management tools.

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The Day After using Adestrapp highlighted by the coaching staff R.C. Deportivo Coruna during the match against Malaga

The R.C. Deportivo La Coruna commitment to technology and technical body takes time using ADESTRApp to improve results, correct positions and see again played the last few seconds.

 The innovative technology developed by the R & D & I Balidea gives solution to correct errors in positions, you can review the plays in real time, and improve movement.

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And it is running the Institutional Library Galicia, platform developed by Balidea

Through this new service will be available all publications of the Regional Administration and the marketing and distribution of the library collection is centralized.

On April 27 Institutional the Institutional Library Galicia fwas presented by the consellerio of Culture, Education and University Planning, Roman Rodriguez, and the director of the Axencia for a modernization Tecnolóxica (AMTEGA), Mar Pereira.

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Balidea working with the program "Together we can", the MAPFRE Foundation which promotes the integration of disabled youth

Balidea be part of the 'Together we can' develop the MAPFRE Foundation in the town of Lugo. This initiative in which companies also collaborate CLECE, CALFENSA, LACERA and promote URBASER 2015 along occupational training and job placement of 16 young people with mental illness the City of Lugo.

This program has the support and the support of the City of Lugo and the Federation of Associations of Families and Persons with Mental Illness Galicia (Galicia FEAFES).

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Balidea presents its APP within the Smart City project

  • Balidea was commissioned to develop a mobile application with all the cultural and entertainment agenda of the city..
  • Alejandra Gonzalez Balidea functional consultant, actively participated in the presentation that asisitiron more than 500 people.
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CESGA and BALIDEA enter into an agreement to provide cloud computing services to Rural Schools

Last Friday, the Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA) and Balidea signed an agreement for the implementation of an ambitious educational innovation project, which aims to provide network infrastructure and services based on cloud computing in rural schools.

"Network of schools in the cloud" provides a model for infrastructure and services, as well as a methodology, all based on cloud computing, for teaching and collaboration between schools, creating a network in which educational experiences, materials and learning methods can be shared.

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BALIDEA collaborates in the Galician government's (Xunta) Digital Volunteer program

Balidea is one of 16 companies in Galicia's IT sector which have joined the Digital Volunteer program promoted by the Government of Galicia, under which the companies act as digital patrons contributing financially in the training of volunteers, the donation of IT equipment and other goods, donation of workspaces, supporting communication initiatives or financing specific events.

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BALIDEA participates in the creation of an integrated chronic patient management system

Spain's Ministry of Science and Innovation has granted  the consortium of companies formed by Balidea, Indra, InfoJC and Televés, co-financing for the creation of a system of integrated management for chronic patients. This grant comes from the program designed to promote stable cooperation between the public and private sectors in research and development, in areas deemed to be of strategic importance to the progress of the Spanish economy (the ERDF-INNTERCONECTA program).

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BALIDEA Opens Office R & D on the campus of Vigo

Balidea, which has its headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, just opened a new office in the campus of Lagunas-Marcosende in Vigo, a space that, from now on, will act as workplace of the department responsible for the actions of R & D company.

From this new location, Balidea manage and promote the R & D that develops either internally or in collaboration with other companies both at regional and state level or European, in diverse areas such as health , energy, fisheries, public administration, education or food.

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