Balidea develops a new Drupal9 website for the Copenhagen city council

The Copenhagen city council has decided to update its whole digital platform, that is aimed to both citizens and internal employees. Balidea has just started developing the new Evento website in Drupal9 in collaboration with its Danish partner Kruso. This platform will bring together 32 websites. It is a complex and ambitious project that will improve and optimize user needs.

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Balidea, among companies approved as suppliers to the Danish public sector

Balidea has recently become an approved supplier of technological solutions and projects to the Danish public sector. It has therefore been added to the list of companies that meet the requirements stipulated by SKI, the intermediary body for public contract procurements in Denmark.

This approval is an excellent achievement and an interesting opportunity for Balidea in a country in which every year, the public sector spends approximately 40 billion euros on assets and services supplied by private companies.

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Balidea, provider of the City of Copenhagen Government

A few months ago we got a new international client, the City of Copenhagen Government, with whom we have signed a contract for the next four years. The City Council of Copenhagen has more than 300 websites where it provides all kind of services to its employees and the citizens.

The main aim of our contract includes ICT consulting, the improvement of the customer web service solution, the support and development of the City Council’s digital ecosystem, Drupal 8 update and designing a personalized intranet with new collaboration and management tools.

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Balidea develops new features for the online event management platform of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Balidea is the Spanish company selected to develop new features for the online event management platform of UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.  UNITAR is a training arm of the United Nations, which provides capacity development and research activities related to all matters within its mandate, oriented towards individuals, organizations and governments.

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The Day After using Adestrapp highlighted by the coaching staff R.C. Deportivo Coruna during the match against Malaga

The R.C. Deportivo La Coruna commitment to technology and technical body takes time using ADESTRApp to improve results, correct positions and see again played the last few seconds.

 The innovative technology developed by the R & D & I Balidea gives solution to correct errors in positions, you can review the plays in real time, and improve movement.

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Pablo Lopez Balidea consultant, presented ADESTRApp En Xogo program in the Galician Television.

  Pablo explained the use of this innovative tool, its functions and how using coaching CD Pontes as, has also commented on some of the computers using the tool at the moment, as Deportivo La Coruna, Rayo Vallecano, and others that they will try soon as Athletic Bilbao. It has also been used successfully in Aviles Judo Tournament by referees and use daily Judo Club Coruña.

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BALIDEA launch ADESTRApp in the 'university Postgraduate in Business Management of the Innovation'

Next Saturday 27 February, will be participating in the 'university Postgraduate in Business Management of the Innovation' that organises the the presentation of our project of R&D ADESTRapp:  http://www.adestrapp

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The final milestone of a great project

On February the 9th and 10th, BALIDEA Consulting & Programming attended to the final meeting of the UnderstAID project ( in Aarhus (Denmark). Thank you so much VIA University College @via for the great organization !!!

After 3 years of hard work, we have finished this great project which will help informal caregivers to take care their relatives with dementia using the new technologies, mobile devices, e-learning models and specific contents.

Our partners participating in the project are:

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BALIDEA in Smart City Expo World Congress

Balidea, one more year, participated as exhibitor in Smart City Expo World Congress, organized by Fira de Barcelona, Smart City Expo World Congress.

The event aims to bring solutions and most innovative products in the field of energy efficiency, mobility and electric vehicle, environment, urban planning, safety, geo-location, improvement systems and models of financing, and information systems for the integral management to cities and municipalities around the world.

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