Call Center City of Lugo

We offer the customer a telephone Citizen services acting as centralizing element of inquiries, requests for information and the neighborhood Procedures directed to the City of Lugo, through various pathways that enable the City Council to this effect and with the following objectives:

  • Operating a Telephone Attention Service Citizen, adaptable to any organizational change or new service requirements, by providing all necessary personnel.
  • Provide support and advice to service users in those procedures and actions that the City set.
  • Model of care based on aspects such as the attitude of professional information services to citizens, optimizing response times and the correct score of the professionals who must meet individual demands.
  • Using an integrated voice and technological standards based CTI market, valid and sufficient to manage the demand to occur, according to the service levels established information technology platform.
  • Logging of all communications and actions taken, by tracking them referred to other services.
  • Provision of comprehensive statistics on the level of service fulfillment and call reports, consultations and negotiations, grouped by different levels or concepts that allow to obtain views at different levels of detail of the activity in the "Telephone Service to citizenship".



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