Project Abalar

Galicia's Department of Culture, Education and Universities entrusted Balidea with a service contract for the installation, configuration and initial user support of the technological equipment included in the Abalar project, in some 600 classrooms in more than 200 schools in Galicia.

Under the terms of provision of this service, a team of technical professionals with experience in installing this type of equipment has taken on this task in schools in Galicia, including ultra-portable computers, laptops, digital blackboards and projectors, which will be used by public school students. The project, which will employ more than 30 professionals, will streamline the process of wiring, installation and setup, and will require a sustained coordination effort between the schools' management staff, the Education Department, equipment suppliers and Balidea.

Abalar is a prime strategic action of the Department of Education and Universities for the full integration of ICT in Galicia's school system. By participating in this project, Balidea continues with a new line of work, initially undertaken more than a year ago, involving the provision of advanced services of installation of ICT equipment and devices to the Galician Administration.


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