Projects and customers

Balidea is a service business, lessons learned and tasks performed: a draft projects. In our approach no small project and all our customers are large, so our portfolio has clear examples of our history and our journey



Balidea clients include public and private organizations, both leading companies in construction and civil engineering, and energy infrastructure, small multinational / national companies in the industrial sector and distribution, and medium enterprises, cooperatives and associations.

All our projects are supported by the customer base we have achieved throughout our background.

Our goal is to adapt to the needs of our customers through a dedicated team and innovative solutions that have laid the foundation of our company.




Since our inception in 2002, in Balidea we have worked with over 200 companies of all sizes and sectors helping them to develop new opportunities in Internet and become profitable your online strategy.

We focus on such sectors:

  • Health
  • e-Government
  • Web design
  • Education
  • Energy efficiency
  • e-Health
  • Indoor positioning
  • Drupal
  • e-Learning